Les Belles Heures

Relaxation room

The relaxation room is equipped with two full body massage chairs, a relax area where you can take a thea or a cold drink, a shower having 4 different jets.

The relaxation room has special color lamps where the colors change slightly to bring your body and mind in harmony.
The color therapy is based on the "energy" of the body, as it has for centuries been recognized in many eastern cultures and religions. This system is based on the existence of a number of energy fields in and around the body. The colors around us affect our behavior.

In the relaxation room you will find two massage chairs, giving a massage from neck to foot.
The advantages of the massage chair include;
• Reduced stress and nervous tension
• Relief of muscle pain, joint pain and body aches
• Improved blood circulation
• Warming and relaxation of muscle mass
The High-end advanced technology of the chair is possible thanks to the "zero gravity" technology, allowing the chair to massage the different body parts.