Les Belles Heures


Both in the sauna and in the relaxation room, aromatherapy can be used. In the sauna, the skin pores will further open by the penetrating heat. This will allow the aroma to be directly absorbed by the body through the skin. It gives a refreshing feeling and works deep into the body and mind. You can choose one of the following flavors.

Aroma Eucalyptus: this aroma is extremely suitable for allergies, coughs, colds and helps against asthma and hay fever.

Aroma Jasmine: is a wonderfully fresh scent and is effective against mental disorders and the smell mood enhancing.

Aroma Pine: has a good effect against bronchitis, this fragrance can also be used in place of Eucalyptus in children who have not yet become year.

Aroma Rosemary: gives natural energy, works against pain, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure, circulatory disorders and spit.

Aroma Rose fragrance: is a soothing and relaxing scent and works against depression. The smell entails atmosphere and ambiance. Rose provides care for dry, sensitive and older skin, eczema, broken capillaries (rosacea), wrinkles, skin inflammation.