House Rules


We learned it is better to have clarity on the most important house rules to prevent potential problems (for those rare situations that a problem or an unsafe situation may cause a problem).
Please help us in making your stay a success.

Times of departure (Saturday before 9:30 pm) and arriving (from Saturday 16:00 pm) are set to be able to clean the houses and is necessary for proper planning, which in our and your advantage. 

Handover house. On the day of departure (or leaving early evening) you need to leave your house undamaged, tidy and broom clean. The kitchen must be left clean and tidy. Pay particular attention on pans, oven and microwave. Leave an empty refrigerator behind you. You can leave the keys on the door. Goods found after your departure, will save a time for you, but we take no responsibility for this.

Damage. If there is any damage or failure at your arrival please let us know immediately. If during your stay, damage or failures occur, please inform us as soon as possible. Possible actions could be taken immediately. If, after departure during the inspection anything is missing then the cost will be deducted from the deposit.

Disposit. The deposit will be refunded (within one week on your account)

Additional guests: Due to safety regulations, the manager must keep a list of the resident guests. If you have guests, we ask you to pass it to the manager.

Under renting is prohibited. You should strictly adhere to the maximum number of people.

Moving boxes, beds, and sound or television equipment or take them out of any inventory, is expressly prohibited without our permission.

Pets are not allowed, except in house number 5, 7, 11, 12 and 13.

Liability of owner: The owner can not be held responsible for theft, accidents and damage that occurred during the stay in his home.

The manager is entitled to monitor and inspect the property during the rental period. In case of serious violation of the rules, the manager has the right to deny access to the property. 

Parking: This may only be in the designated areas. Only for your car (un-) loading the terrain as you drive up. Park your car in the parking lot.

Music: Use of audio and musical instruments is prohibited.

Fire: A barbecue using wood or charcoal is prohibited. All other fires are prohibited.

Smoking: The houses are all non-smoking. Please do not throw butts on the ground or in the garden

Playgarden: The use of the playground is at your own risk. Supervising children at play is the responsibility of the parents / guardians and not the administrators.

Washing machine: You can once a week use the washing machine. If you want more than  inform the manager.

Garbage: The garbage must be separated. Plastic materials, glass and paper must be separated. There are garbage deposits on the property.

Night rest: Between 22.00 and 8.00 hours, is the sleep period. People can stay outside with subdued voice.

The pool is open from 9.00 am to 20.00 pm. The pool at the farm should keep quite. Children who like to play are invited to rtake the pool by the river side. It is not allowed to have food at the pool. Children under 12 years may only be supervised by parents using the pool, swimming certificates are not relevant in this regard. Showering before swimming is compulsory. Diving, splashing and use of large air mattresses are prohibited. Let the children not run on the terrace because the tiles can be slippery. Encourage the kids to the toilet. If the instructions are not followed, you can be removed from the pool or the pool will be closed.

Furniture within the accommodation must not be carried out. Please use the existing furniture and place it on a stable surface. The chairs at the pool should not be taken from the terrace.


If these house rules are not respected the manager has the authority to correct and if his/her opinion is necessary may prohibit the access of the park.

Vaison la Romaine
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