Les Belles Heures

Activities and possibilities


Almost every day there is a Provence market in the near vicinity of Roaix. The market on Tuesday morning in Vaison la Romaine is the most comprehensive (some 3 km).

Du pain, du vin .. what and where to eat
One of the best place on Earth to have a meal is the Provence. There are several nice and good but also cheap and exclusive restaurants in the vicinity of Roaix. 

Wine tasting
"A day without wine is a day without sunshine" according to an old saying. There is no chance in the Vaucluse, because both are plentiful. There are many wine tastings where good wine is offered. You can do wine tasting, without obliged to buy.
The most famous  vineyards of the Cote du Rhone are Chateauneuf du Papes, Gigondas.
It is the 2nd largest wine area of the world, with beautiful views over hills and mountains.
Explore the area
It is certainly worth to explore the Provence/Vaucluse. 
Vaison La Romaine, a very attractive town with many shops and restaurants, a roman amphi theatre and well-known archaeological sites is only 5 km away from Roaix.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery, with the Dentelles de Montmirail and the impressive Mont Ventoux. Look for the Roman past of this region: for example visit the Roman theatre in Orange or the famous Pont du Gard.
See Avignon, where the monuments are listed by UNESCO as World Heritage sites and for some time capital of Christendom in the middle Ages, with the palais des papes (palaces of popes). Visit the famous pont d'Avignon and have great diner by night.
Make a stop a places like Arles where Vincent van Gogh has made in the 'yellow house' his most famous paintings.
There is plenty to discover and in every vacation house you will find a nice book with more than 45 visits (within 1,5 hour drive). 

For the Kids
- Crocodile Park, Pierrelatte
- Canoe, rowing in the Ardeche, Fountaine de Vaucluse, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue
- City trains in Vaison, Orange and Avignon
- Ultra light flights in Visan, Monteux
- Mountain biking, karting, on the Mont Ventoux from Maulaucence
- Markets
- The River Walk by Tourlourenc at Saint-Léger-du-Ventoux
- Mountain hiking through the Dentelles.

You can ask the manager for a book where several bicycle routes are shown. Because Roaix is located in the Rhone Valley there are plenty options from many beautiful routes.

The 'must' for the real sportman is to clim the most famous mounting of the 'Tour de France',  the Mont Ventoux. The mountain is some 20 km distance from Roaix.

Cultural trip, 'discover the past'
If you want to do "The cultural journey through Provence", Lex has composed an nice book with the most interesting trips to discover the past.

The book includes visits to museums, chapels, cathedrals, monasteries, villages on the hillside, excavations, aqueducts, ruins, the popes of Avignon, the region of Vincent van Gogh, the war between Catholics and Protestants, the fate of the Jews, the old fountains, etc.

Picturesque village's                              Interesting Cities
Seguret                          3 km                   Vaison la Romaine           5 km
Villedieu                         5 km                   Orange                         20 km
Crestet                           8 km                   Avignon                        45 km
                                                               Aix en Provence           110 km
                                                               Marseille                      125 km
Dentelles                       15 km
Mont Ventoux feet          22 km
Mont Ventoux top           43 km




Vaison la Romaine
Pont du Gard